Realise your projects with this immersive, interactive & collaborative virtual environment


Communicate, share and collaborate as a team in an immersive BIM environment | Introduce stakeholders to the virtual asset before its built | Refine design and engineering solutions through 1:1 scale viewing in a BIM environment | Educate personnel and communicate site / operational based activities virtually before setting foot on site | Enhance the effectiveness of design reviews, build activities, tool box talks and maintenance tasks | Provide a dedicated BIM space for virtual exploration of the built asset coupled with the associated valuable BIM data

01 / FAST
  • Quick install in just than 3 hours

  • Users up and running within 15 minutes

  • BIM models and data processed in minutes for the FULmax environment

  • Manage BIM content within your own project / business

  • No external model processing required

  • Model processing training provided

03 / EASY
  • Navigate & explore your digital asset and access BIM data

  • Compact solution ideal for any office space

  • Ideal for reviews, stakeholder engagement, & collaboration



Born out of academic R&D, the FULmax has been developed with construction clients on construction projects. Built to meet the need of the industry, our product developer Dr Max Mallia-Parfitt has made the FULmax easy to use, suitable to fit within a site cabin and robust enough to sustain regular project use.


To provide visualisation solutions that are dedicated to leveraging value from the digital BIM environment, whilst maintaining the ability for social and collaborative working that design and engineering teams thrive on. The FULmax enables this through creating a dedicated 'BIM space' where teams can engage, discuss and improve asset solutions.


Built on the Unity gaming platform, the FULmax is capable of handling large complex graphical models and at the same time, present the data rich environment that BIM provides. Complete with our own model and data transformation software, the FULmax solution gives our customers all they need to visualise their BIM at any stage of the project.



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